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American Rivers

American Rivers protects wild rivers, restores damaged rivers and conserves clean water for people and nature.

Rivers are vital to our health and the economy of our communities, so why wouldn’t we advocate to protect them? Right now, rivers and freshwater ecosystems are among the most endangered, even though we all rely on them in so many ways. The Rio Grande is just one example, but as I watched this short film with two of my daughters in my lap, I knew I wanted to help share the story of our nation’s rivers with all of you. I am thrilled to share this clip and this 52 Reasons episode with all of you.

This week, we chat with Amy to learn more about the work of American Rivers and how you can get involved in taking a stand, volunteering and empowering future generations to support the health of our waterways. As fellow moms, we were able to share stories of our kids playing in or around rivers, but as we chat, you’ll quickly see that it becomes about so much more than that. Amy discusses the role advocacy plays in protecting and restoring our rivers – which has been a common theme in so many 52 Reasons episodes. Have you started to catch on from all of the podcasts so far that reaching out to your elected officials is of the utmost importance? Side note: Have you added your elected officials to your speed dial yet? Here’s their numbers for your reference.

Why in 2017 would we need to focus on the health and prosperity of our nation’s rivers? Climate change is bringing more severe droughts and floods, which in turn puts an added stress on our nation’s water supply system. As a result of climate change, many of the communities where we live, work and play will see water shortages in the next century. Additionally, pollution and habitat destruction are threatening fish and wildlife, and…us and our health. According to American Rivers, 44% of assessed waterways in the U.S. are too polluted for fishing and swimming, and 40% of North America’s freshwater species are at risk of extinction. So, the time to talk about this is now. The time to raise awareness of the current state of our rivers and headwaters is right now. You can start by listening to this episode below.

We all have a role to play in keeping our rivers wild and scenic. The best part about getting involved in things you are passionate about, is that you get to determine what that role looks like. Of course, we want to make it easy for you to get involved. So just click on the ACT button below for some ideas of how you can support the work of American Rivers, or click on the DONATE button to make a contribution to American Rivers and of course you can always click on the LEARN button to learn even more about their work including the threats to our rivers and solutions they are working towards.



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Ways You Can Act

  1. Take the pledge to keep your rivers clean. Bonus: have your kids and neighbors join you! 
  2. Make your voice heard! Contact your elected officials to help American Rivers protect and restore our nation’s rivers, give them a voice, restore their vitality, and keep them healthy for future generations.
  3. Join the American Rivers mailing list so you can stay up to date with opportunities and information.
  4. Become a social media advocate for American Rivers! Give them a follow and like on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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