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Run. Walk. Bike. Skip. Dance. Charity Miles has raised over $2M for organizations across the globe – through miles logged by users who fundraise by being active worldwide. Up until this point, we have focused on some pretty standard ways to get involved with organizations – but this week’s episode gives you a unique opportunity to support the charities and causes you are most passionate about.

Gene Gurkoff, the founder of Charity Miles, and his team believe that a small group of committed people can change the world…and they know that you don’t have to be a millionaire or world class athlete to do so. This belief and commitment to making a difference led to the creation of a free app, Charity Miles. Charity Miles allows every user to earn corporate sponsorships for the miles they log while running, walking or biking. As an aside — I have also personally logged miles while having epic dance parties with my kids…so pretty much any form of movement will earn dollars for the charity or organization you select.

The interface couldn’t be easier – download (for free!) from the app store on your Apple or Android device. Charity Miles will use your phone’s GPS system – so be sure to let it – to track the distance you cover. Simply, launch the app, and pick a charity…then get moving! Either walk, run or bike.  Walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile; bikers earn 10¢ per mile.

We were super fortunate to sit down with Gene and Lauren, the Director of Marketing, to chat about how Gene came up with the concept for Charity Miles, how they view users not just as users — but as community members, how they are funded…and best of all, how you can get involved!

So, without further adieu…download the Charity Miles app, plug your headphones in…and get moving while you listen to this awesome conversation with Gene and Lauren.






Ways You Can Act

  1. Move daily for Charity Miles – walk your dog, get the newspaper, bike to work. You name it – you should be exercising for good!
  2. When you move for Charity Miles, SHARE with your social networks that you are moving and exercising for a cause. Get others involved with this awesome platform simply by sharing your workouts!
  3. Follow Charity Miles on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Encourage at least one other friend to download Charity Miles and get moving today!

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