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Circle of Health International

In this week’s episode, we chat with Anna Franceschi, the Chief Development Officer, at Circle of Health International (COHI).

Anna and I discuss the role COHI has played in supporting quality reproductive, maternal and newborn care in crisis settings – including in the aftermath of natural disasters, war zones and refugees entering the United States. Currently, they operate a clinic on the US-Mexico border and see between 400-500 refugees daily.

Founded in 2004, based on guiding principles to engage in grassroots community based efforts, collaboration with communities, non-violence, innovation, feminism and equality.

COHI has responded to eighteen humanitarian emergencies and served over three million women, both domestically and internationally. COHI has worked alongside midwives and public health professionals in post-tsunami Sri Lanka, post-hurricane Louisiana, Tibet, Tanzania, Israel, the Philippines, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, tornado-affected Oklahoma, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Sudan, Haiti, and Afghanistan.

Anna and I chatted about the role COHI plays and the many ways in which you can support their work to help moms, babies and children everywhere. Learn more about COHI by watching this brief video:





Ways You Can Act

  1. Host your own fundraiser for COHI in a way that works for YOU!
  2. Volunteer your time and leverage your experience and background for COHI.
  3. Donate much needed supplies to COHI.
  4. Shop to support COHI – spoil yourself and those you love with gifts that give back.
  5. Follow COHI on Facebook and Twitter and become a social media advocate for their work.

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