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Forward Together is a multi-racial organization that works with community leaders and organizations to transform culture and policy to catalyze social change. Their mission is to ensure that women, youth and families have the power and resources they need to reach their full potential. By developing strong leaders, building networks across communities, and implementing innovative campaigns, Forward Together is making their mission a reality.

In this week’s episode we chat with Eveline, the Executive Director at Forward Together. Eveline and I chat about the unique approach of using art as a medium to impact cultural change across our country.  This innovative approach through arts supports women, youth and families in the United States and helps provide a voice for the “4 out of 5 people living in the US who do not live behind the picket fence—whose lives fall outside outdated notions of family, with a mom at home and a dad at work. While that life has never been the reality for most of our families, too many of the policies that affect us are based on this fantasy.  From a lack of affordable childcare and after school programs, to immigration policy and marriage equality, the way we make policy and allocate resources needs to catch up to the way we live.” (Forward Together)

Tune into this episode to learn how you can support Forward Together and be sure to send a Mamas Day card through their awesome campaign.




Ways You Can Act

  1. Help Forward Together scale up their work by contributing financially – your donation means that their work can truly change conditions and the narrative around families, reproductive justice and the role women play.
  2. Sign up for the Forward Together email list to be connected to the actions they are taking related to state and national legislation.
  3. Send a Mamas Day card to someone in your life – start a discussion about moms across our country.
  4. Grab a poster that helps spread Forward Together’s mission.
  5. Volunteer your time to support Forward Together if you are local to the Oakland, California area.

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