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Meals on Wheels America

Meals on Wheels America is the oldest and largest national organization supporting the more than 5,000 community-based senior nutrition programs across the country that are dedicated to addressing senior hunger and isolation.

In this week’s episode we chat with Jenny Bertolette, the Vice President of Communications at Meals on Wheels America. Jenny and I discuss the current political climate and the potential impact this could have on Meals on Wheels programs across our country. (Side note: We encourage you to read their official statement on the budget here)

Meals on Wheels America leads the nation’s network providing leadership, funding and advocacy support to the 5,000+ locally-run independent programs to support our nation’s seniors. This network spans across virtually every community in America and includes more than two million volunteers. Volunteers work to deliver nutritious meals and companionship that allow seniors in the United States to live healthy lives. The mission of Meals on Wheels America is to empower local community programs to improve the health and quality of life of the seniors they serve so that no one is left hungry or isolated.

There is no time like today to get involved in supporting Meals on Wheels — with the number of seniors in our country expected to double by 2050 to 112 million and the potential for budgetary cuts, our support and voices are needed now more than ever. Listen in to this week’s episode to learn how you can get involved with a Meals on Wheels program near you, or click on the ACT button below for some more ideas.





Ways You Can Act

  1. Get on the phone and call your elected officials and speak on the benefits of Meals on Wheels. Bonus, there is already a script ready for you!
  2. Become a social media advocate for Meals on Wheels, start by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Share, like and repost volunteer and advocacy opportunities and raise awareness of the current needs our seniors face with your networks!
  3. Donate your TIME and become a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. You can prepare, deliver, serve, provide administrative support, help with events and more!
  4. Encourage your friends to join you and support Meals on Wheels together!

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