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Minnesota Reading Corps

Minnesota Reading Corps, a strategic initiative of ServeMinnesota, demonstrates how service and science can accelerate improvement in both students and systems. By mobilizing the people power of AmeriCorps, Reading Corps provides evidence-based literacy interventions and data-based assessments to children from age three to grade three.

In Part 1 of this episode, we speak with Sadie, the Managing Director of Minnesota Reading Corps. Sadie and I dive into a conversation about the impact the Reading Corps program has had for the more than 30,000 students they have worked with in Minnesota. We were so excited to talk with Sadie and learn more about the history of Reading Corps in Minnesota and how other states are working to follow suit.

“Right now, nearly one in three third-graders in Minnesota is failing to reach basic levels of literacy. Research shows us that if our children aren’t reading proficiently by third grade, the odds are against them for all future learning. Because of this, our nation is facing an epidemic of academic failure.

By using innovative, evidence-based practices and personalized tutoring, Minnesota Reading Corps has demonstrated proven results to help close Minnesota’s growing achievement gap. Nearly 80% of Minnesota Reading Corps participants achieved more than a year’s worth of progress in one year’s time, exceeding state and national averages and dramatically surpassing what is typically expected.

Since 2003, Minnesota Reading Corps has grown from serving 250 children to about 30,000 at more than 800 sites statewide. Studies show that by increasing investments in quality early childhood literacy interventions, the whole community can anticipate a return of up to $12 for every $1 invested.” – Serve Minnesota

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Ways You Can Act

  1. Become a Minnesota Reading Corps Tutor and give the gift of literacy to children.
  2. Contact your elected officials to share the positive outcomes related to National Service programs such as AmeriCorps and in turn Reading Corps.
  3. Encourage your state elected officials to support Reading Corps in your communities, as of right now Reading Corps is only in 12 states!

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