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52 Reasons

After 20 episodes, here are some of the biggest tips on how you can make a difference. We have spent the past 20 weeks talking with organizations large and small, working hard to address issues around our country related to topics such as education, equality, hunger, poverty, health, the environment and justice. We’re working to connect you, our listeners, to these organizations who are creating positive change day in and day out.

We went back through those episodes to give you an update of some of the lessons we have learned by talking with leaders and subject matter experts from these organizations. As we look to make in impact in our community and across our country, we now know there are some things that we can all do to really, truly move the needle.

We also know that not everyone is passionate about the same issues, which is why we are working to continue focusing on a handful of issues that need support, our voices and our time.

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Always be sure to click on our LEARN, ACT and DONATE buttons accompanying each episode so that you can support the organizations we feature in a way that works for you. The ACT button will always have opportunities ranging from becoming a social media advocate to information to use when calling your elected officials. Side note: Here’s where you can find your elected officials’ phone numbers. Save the phone numbers of your elected officials in your phone  so your voice can be heard whenever you are passionate about an issue.

More than anything, we want to thank you for tuning in each and every week. We’re grateful for this opportunity to work alongside all of you as we work to make a difference in our communities and across the country.




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